What is lymphatic drainage

manual lymph drainage

device lymphatic drainage

lymph tapes

cellulite therapy



overall detoxifies the organism

significantly reduces cellulite

contributes to the reduction of toxic and waste substances in the area of the hips, thighs and buttocks

rejuvenates the face (face lifting)

relieves you of the subjective feeling of the eyelids and chin swelling

improves complexion and skin appearance

relieves you of the feeling of heavy legs,

removes swelling of the legs of lymphatic origin

mobilizes the immune system

helps against migraines and headaches



The basis of this therapy is a gentle massage that stimulates the flow of lymph. The organism is gradually cleansed and toxins that have accumulated in the body are removed. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to repeat the massages (at least five visits), follow the drinking regime, adjust eating habits and include regular physical activity.



Pleasant relaxation procedure with a visible effect. Therapy that supports the effects of manual lymphatic drainage. Reduces the appearance of cellulite, relieves you of the feeling of heavy legs.


We use the most modern device of the BTL company – 6000 LYMPHASTIM 12 TOPLINE. It has 24 drainage chamber sleeves for the lower limbs and trunk, it can already simulate the initial manual release of the lymphatic channels necessary for the functionality of the entire procedure. According to the specified program, the device gradually inflates and empties the individual chambers with air, and it runs out to compress and relax lymphatic vessels and gradually detoxify and remove swelling from the body. Of course, there is also an initial gentle massage of the large lymphatic vessels and nodes before the start of the program so that toxins are actually removed from the body.


LYMFOTAPING – prolongs the effect of manual lymphatic drainage. It involves gluing special tapes (lymphotapes)  problem areas (swelling, cellulite, scars) and stimulating microcirculation in the given area. The tape remains glued for several days, mechanically acting with a gentle movement and still improving the metabolism of tissue fluids. This leads to the regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue, reduction of the appearance of cellulite, swelling and smoothing of scars.


Program of total detoxification and regeneration of the organism

Program to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the lower part of the body

Program to reduce the appearance of cellulite and swelling of the upper body

Facial and décolleté rejuvenation program (facelifting). It removes swelling and fatigue from the face, relieves you of headaches, migraines, chronic colds. It serves as a prevention of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.