Santera has been providing healthcare services in the field of physiotherapy for over 15 years and is a registered healthcare facility meeting the highest standards of healthcare provision.

Clients value high professionalism and expertise, a wide range of services, above-standard service and location in the very center of Prague 6 near Vítězné náměstí.


We have come a long way since Santera was founded in 2005. In the beginning, there was enthusiasm and a desire to provide quality services according to the best convictions and, above all, professional education. We bought a wellness business, learning business and marketing along the way. A few years later, we expanded our operations to include the provision of physiotherapy, managed to obtain contracts with health insurance companies and established successful cooperation with doctors. With the expansion of physiotherapy, the original premises no longer suited us and we moved to the places where we are now.

Our difference is the individual approach and the high qualification of the professional team.

Our university-educated experts will help you achieve physical and mental well-being in long-term harmony with your active life.

Santera specializes in taking care of your body and soul. From physiotherapy to massages to relaxation procedures and body strengthening.

We combine the most modern methods with experience and provide each client with the care and assistance that their condition requires.

Santera does not distinguish between generations – each age requires a specific approach and that is what we focus on.

We measure everyone the same – just as carefully, just as attentively! We look forward to you!